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短編小説 / Short stories


       Embroidered Flowers

       The Drowned Mermaid

       The Vakzin 

(You can read the other short stories on my blog "Gojyahage".)

書籍・雑誌 / Books, Magazines

      【 kindle 】 

  • 花を刺す  大木芙沙子短編集(惑星と口笛ブックス)


  • たまゆらのこえ: 超短編小説アンソロジー
  • 閑窓Vol.5 道辻を灯す(閑窓社)
  • 破滅派17号「特集:小説の速度」(破滅派)
  • Sci-Fire 2022「特集:インフレーション/陰謀論」
  • 文學界 2022年12月号(文藝春秋)(短編小説「ふくらはぎ」転載)
  • 夢でしかいけない街(秘密結社きつね福)(短編小説「みずうみ」収録)
  • 文學界 2023年5月号(文藝春秋)(短編小説「うなぎ」掲載)
  • 小説すばる 2023年5月号(集英社)(掌編小説「トイレットペッパー」掲載)
  • アンソロジー非実在神様(秘密結社きつね福)(短編小説「お正月さん」収録)
  • 水都眩光 幻想短篇アンソロジー(文藝春秋)(短編小説「うなぎ」収録)
  • 名刺をめぐる記憶あるいは空想(秘密結社きつね福)(短編小説「オーロラ」収録)
  • 花を刺す —エレガント・エディション-


  • 作業中..
    in progress..

Web掲載 / Media productions

  • 2021/01/05  短編「馬娘婚姻譚」が New World Writingに掲載 (read)
    "Neighs and Cries"  was published in New World Writing, January 2021.
  • 2021/02/03  掌編「うまくやってね」がA Story In 100Wordsに掲載 (read)
    "Do It Well"  was published in  A Story In 100Words, 3rd Feb 2021.
  • 2021/02/20  Insignia Stories 一問一答インタビュー(read)
    An interview with her was released at WiHM. 
  • 2021/05/01  掌編「星を飼う」が Eunoia Review に掲載 (read).
    "Living with the Stars"  was published in Eunoia Review, 1st May 2021.
  • 2021/05/22  短編「かわいいハミー」がKaguya Planetに掲載 (read)
    "Lovely Hammy" was published in Kaguya Planet, May 2021.
  • 2021/07/10   書評「飲鴆止渇」をトウキョウ下町SF作家の会に掲載 (read)
    A book review of  "Zhenniao (by ONODA, Sayo)" was published in TS-SF-Wc.
  • 2022/12/24 短編「二十七番目の月」」がKaguya Planetに掲載(read
    "The 27th Moon" was published in Kaguya Planet, Dec 2022.

翻訳 / Translated

  • "Neighs and Cries" 「馬娘婚姻譚」— New World Writing, January 4, 2021 (read).
  •  "Do It Well" 「うまくやってね」— A Story In 100Words, 3rd Feb 2021 (read).
  • "Ding-dong"「呼び鈴」 — Hundred Word Horror anthology "Home", Ghost Orchid press (buy).
  • "The Lovely Bones"「骨骨」, "Gardening"「庭仕事」 ― Hundred Word Horror anthology "Beneath", Ghost Orchid press (buy).
  •  "Date with a Kappa"「河童」, "A Forked Tail"「猫又」 and "Once a Drunkard"「酒呑童子」—  the 100-word novel collection "Mythical Creatures of Asia", Insignia Stories (buy). 
  • "Living with the Stars"「星を飼う」- Eunoia Review, 1st May 2021 (read). 
  • "An Infinite Stillness"「無限の静寂」- Hundred Word Horror anthology "Cosmos", Ghost Orchid press (buy).
  • "Drowning in Sand"「砂上の溺死」 - Hundred Word Horror anthology "The Deep", Ghost Orchid press (buy).
  • "A Late-Night Visit"「垢嘗」 , "Tan-Tan Kororin"「たんころりん」,"Keeping Count" 「一枚たりない」— the 100-word novel collection "Mythical Beings of Asia", Insignia Stories (buy).

Coming soon:

  • 作業中..
    in progress..

All translated by Toshiya Kamei